The story so far…

Stanley Marks has always been a wrestling fan. As a child he used to go see Fashionably Frank defend the FWF title every time they were in town. Finally an adult and family man, Stanley made a choice to go after his dream and become a pro wrestler himself. With the loving support of wife Mandy, the reluctant support of his wrestling-hating son Dewey, and the unconventional training techniques of Uncle Gern, Stanley doubled his chances of making it by trying out for the two major wrestling federations at the same time. In the wholesome FAMILY WRESTLING FEDERATION he became THE PEACEMAKER, while in the hardcore violent SAVAGE RAGE WRESTLING he is known as the rule breaking MERCENARY. The schedule was hectic and the toll it took on his body great, but Stanley Marks was living his dream.

Until fate stepped in.

What Stanley never expected was that he’d become the champion in BOTH companies at the same time!!! Now he must find a way to defend his titles, protect the secret of his dual identities, and hold together his already dysfunctional family. And it won’t be as easy as it sounds!

SMARKS – The Pro Wrestling Cartoon was created by artist Ted Smith and wrestling journalist/comedian Al Isaacs in July of 2000. A year later wrestling legend Terry Taylor joined the fray and nobody has looked back since. You can find out more about the creators by clicking here.

To discover more about the characters including Stanley’s family, SRW opponents like The Maniac and Postal Pete, and FWF opponents like Fashionably Frank and Hannibal Leprechaun, click here.

So, are you ready? We are relaunching the site slowly thanks to this Greengeeks review. If you’d like to start at the very beginning of SMARKS you can click here for our first cartoon ever. They were initially in black and white until late October of 2000. If you’d like to jump into the middle of things we have three pages of archive links, one for 2000 one for 2001, and one for 2002.

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Privacy on the Web

Microsoft has provided Vortex with the search of a customer’s mailbox without a court order. But this approach, which should be covered by the privacy policy, would be possible also in other large US corporations. As the British Guardian reported, the corresponding passages in the privacy of Yahoo, Google or Apple can be found.

Online privacy suffered some blows in the recent years. It’s trubling if you are running an online business or have a website. We are hosted by Fatcow and I am not sure what their policy is. Then again, if they had to give out client information, they would not be allowed to share that with their customers. If you want to find out more about Fatcow, you can read this Fatcow review by a user.

You can go with a non-US, non-European hosting company but that brings its own problems. We cannot do anything but wait and see how the privacy issues end.